Galbi Tang (갈비탕), Great Success!

Kisu has always liked his beef dishes, and ever since he found out that Esprito Santo carries the Galbi (short rib) cut, he's been talking about making Galbi Tang and Galbi Tjim, two of his favourite Korean beef dishes.

Given that Galbi Tjim is about 10 times harder to make (as in to get the taste right) than Galbi Tang, we decided to venture with the latter first. It turned out very well and Kisu was a happy camper! I had like 1 piece of meat, and he had about 6... I'm also glad that I actually managed to cook a proper Korean dish. At least my child can have homecooked Korean food in future!

Galbi Tang

Here's my Mum-in-law's recipe:
Oh, and try to make this one day before you want to eat it, you'll see why later.

Galbi Tang (Beef Short Rib Soup)

+ 1 kg of galbi - not the thin slices that you have at Korean BBQ. Make sure this is the chunkier version of galbi. The galbi should be in a cube-like form - with mostly meat hanging off the bone. Try Esprito Santo - where we got ours for about $48 total. Even Cold Storage doesn't carry this cut.
+ 1 ricebowl of peeled, whole garlic
+ 1 bundle of spring onion/scallion - chop half of this into small pieces. Cut the remainder in halves.
+ Salt
+ Pepper
+ MSG - use the pure form like Ajinomoto, not beef stock cubes.

1. Drain blood from galbi in a colander, about 30 - 45 minutes.
2. Place meat in a soup pot, and fill with water. Water level should be about double from the level of the meat.
3. Add in whole garlic, and salt to season.
4. Bring to a boil, then lower heat.
5. Simmer for approx. 2 hours. Test meat by poking into meat with a metal chopstick (my MIL insists must be metal, not wooden; not sure why). You want the meat to be soft enough to fall off the bone when you eat it, but not too soft that it turns to mush. Adjust simmering time accordingly *Quality and quantity of the meat greatly affects cooking time.
6. Add in spring onion/ scallion (the ones cut in half)
7. Add MSG to taste
8. Once done, turn off fire and leave to cool.
9. Leave pot of galbi tang in the fridge overnight. There is ALOT of fat in this soup - you want the fat to congeal in the fridge so that you can skim it off.

To eat, reheat soup, throw in chopped spring onion/scallion to garnish, add some pepper to taste and eat it with rice and some kim (toasted seaweed). Yum!

BTW, on the topic of Korean, I have signed up for Korean Class Level 2!


yun-jo said...

oh oh, can you make it for me next time i see you?? although it's a toss up between this and your fried rice... yummmm

Amanda said...

Thanks for this post! I tried to recreate something similar. Practise makes perfect, I think?


Carlos said...

Wow this looks great