Fourth of July...

...Independence Day, is also my dear hubby Kisu's birthday.

I got him a Nintendo wii! I was very excited and I had to stop myself from blabbing between the day that I bought it and his birthday!

I knew that he was dying for one, but the official release date in Singapore is listed as somewhere Q4 of '07 and so he had not gone in search of it. By luck, I found out that shops at Funan had started selling it, unofficially I guess, and I managed to procure a set (at some crazy premium!)

Here he is opening his gift:

gift 3

gift 5

guft 8

What could it be???
gift 9

It's a wii!
gift 11

playing wii 2

Unfortunately, he still had to go in to the office briefly even though he was on leave. But we cut his birthday cake there with his friends. Lana was closed for holiday, so I got the cake from Vicky's at Henry Park.



Lunch was at Lawry's (his request; forgot to take pics there) and for dinner I had booked the Nogawa at the Le Meridien hotel as a surprise.

Kisu with his sushi - he really liked the Uni and Otoro sushi.
kisu & sushi! bday07

And us outside the restaurant post dinner
outside nogawa kisu's bday 07


Saggs said...

Happy belated bdat to Kisu! Awwwww... you were so sweet to surprise him with THAT pressie! He must've been ecstatic!

dot said...

haha, yeah he plays it almost everyday. he says it's so that he can "work out" - cites the example of some guy who lost 40pounds playing wii!