Clasp Purse

I've been meaning to get myself a little purse, for loose change. The kind with the metal frames that you twist open. There is so much change hanging around the house from the Hubby - pays in notes, returns home with change. Leaves home without change.
I imagined a cute printed vinyl with the metal clasps, but so far have not found one that I like. I saw a possible option at Top Shop with owl print fabric, but it wasn't vinyl and it was slightly larger than I would have liked.
So, now I'm contemplating making one since I found this tutorial from U-Handbag on how to make purses with frames. Look how hers turned out!


Saggs said...

Hey, that lady hails from the UK? Must go check out her online store. Or... if you make 'em, I'll buy 'em.


dot said...

yup she's from the UK :)i think you'd better not count on me making them for sale... i'm so very lazy!

Zann said...

I saw the same tutorial and made the clutch! It's not as easy as it looks, but not that difficult. I got the plastic fake tortoise-shell frame from good ol' Golden Dragon.