Almost done with all the samples of the new collection, and I'm glad to say that all has been going pretty well. Production has also started.

Most of the pieces turned out nicely, with just some minor alterations required. I used to try on all samples myself but since I'm no longer in shape to do so (sob - I actually tried one piece which was a little looser fitting, but it looked horrible on me) , I had to find someone else to be the guinea pig - Suzanne! She was most kind and has helped me with all my pieces so far - luckily she found it quite a fun and also a chance to take a sneak peek of the up and coming pieces.

This collection is heavy on purple - lavender, plums, etc. with a smattering of other colours like black, pink and blue. It wasn't deliberate - just that somehow when I went around scouting for fabric, the nice ones were in shades of purple. Gosh, I hope people like purple! I'm also experimenting more with jersey fabrics, so there will be some comfy stretchy pieces.

Just came back from visiting a new fabric supplier - lovely fabrics from European mills. They had such pretty prints, and some satin that was fabulous to the touch. The fabrics are pricey, definitely a lot higher than what I'm used to working with, but I think I'll give them a go and am planning to incorporate some into my next collection. Got to start the buying process again soon!

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Rachel said...

hey dorothy,

am going to do some part time work soon & would need some new things to spice up my meagre wardrobe, so am looking forward to your new collection! :)

ps. i do like plum!
pps. have been looking at some local designers' websites & i have to say that you have one of the most well thought out one (maybe even the best?), no doubt about it!