Phew. Another physically exhausting day as I returned to Arab Street and the Textile Centre for more supplies.

First stop, Arab Street - found what I wanted pretty quickly and decided to walk to the Textile Centre instead of driving over, which is what I usually do. I don't like the creepy carpark at TC and I was also planning on dropping by a shop in between Arab and TC anyway.

Unfortunately when I arrived at the said shop, I realised that it had closed down! And I was counting on finding some jerseys and knit stuff there! Crap.

Onward to TC - thankfully the distance didn't seem as far as I imagined in my head. Here's a pic of the place - rather depressing building, which explains why I don't really like going there too much. The building itself is not very well lit, so it has a dim and dingy appearance. A good number of shops are also closed/ not occupied which gives one the impression that it's an abandoned building....gives me the creeps.


Found some other fabric that I needed at a shop on the 1st floor - most of the places here do not have suitable fabrics for fashion stuff. Mostly men's suiting fabrics and fabric for uniforms. It's also really hard to look for anything 'cos many places don't have samples to give out (or maybe they just don't want to give me any) - if you want to find anything, you must dig around stacks of plastic wrapped rolls lying one atop the other (can't even see the patterns clearly through the plastic!) The main reason that I go to TC is to visit the huge Sin Mui Heng store, which stocks notions like thread, buttons, etc.

But, today with a bit of luck I managed to stumble upon some decent stretch fabric - bought the entire roll, and they're delivering it tomorrow - thank goodness did not have to lug the whole thing back to the car which was parked at Landmark Hotel. Since I bought something, the owner was more friendly and as I chatted with him, he told me what I've heard a million times and know by heart: That their business used to be much bigger/better, but has now shrunk to almost nothing. His store does wholesale business only and imports fabric which he then distributes to neighbouring countries.

Usually, when I go to wholesale places, I'm met with skepticism and cynicism from the storeowners. I am always at a distinct disadvantage (or at least I so perceive) because to the suppliers, I don't look like someone from their line (don't look like seamstress? don't look old enough? don't look experienced enough?) and more importantly, don't look like I'm there to spend big bucks.

Thank goodness I now have namecards, and thank goodness for the dotted dress logo on the front, which very instantly makes it recognisable as a fashion business. So that gives me at least that little bit of credibility. But I'm still small fry, so these guys don't take me very seriously at all.

On the way back from TC, I passed Jalan Klapa, where a friend of mine, Vaughn Tan, recently opened his bridal boutique. I missed his opening ceremony so I've never seen his shop. I decided to detour and check out his place and he was there! Actually I've met Vaughn only 3 times - we met at Kadomay, where I take my dressmaking classes. But this guy is so chatty and warm that I ended up talking to him almost non stop the first time we met!

It was lovely to step into his cosy carpeted place and sink into the soft sofa and enjoy A/C after walking in the sweltering heat (plus carrying a big bag of fabric). He's only been open a couple months but his business is doing well, the lucky guy! We chatted for almost 45 minutes before I headed back to Arab Street and home.

Got almost all the fabric I need for this upcoming lot of clothes - so glad! Oh, and going to check out my first round of samples tomorrow, very exciting!

Last Tuesday was Jessie's birthday and Alex was in town too, so we all met up for lunch at Centrepoint. After lunch, we indulged in chocolate fondue at the Haagan Daaz cafe - the fondue was so big and pretty that I had to take a picture. First time I've tried frozen ice cream balls in chocolate fondue. Unfortunately we were all stuffed from lunch, so we didn't finish all the yummy things : (

Here's Jessie with her birthday fondue!


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