Channel U Internship Challenge (Bao Gao Lao Ban)

I caught my ex - classmates Afton and Cynthia on TV last night! (Afton in black and Cyn in grey, and the last picture is of the outfit that they designed.)

Haha, so cute to see them! They appeared in Channel U's new info-entertainment programme Internship Challenge (Bao Gao Lao Ban). Each episode features 2 youths doing their internship with a company, and each week focuses on a different industry.
Actually I saw a few more of my ex-classmates on TV as well - Qin Yao, Jenny and Ashani - the 3 of them together with Cyn and Afton started off by interviewing for an internship post with local designer Desmond Yang of Abyzz. I found it very entertaining seeing them dressed up for their interviews and answering the interview questions, heh heh! I also found myself thinking about how I would have answered, if I were in their shoes.

Cyn and Afton were selected for the internship and the rest of programme documented their experience. They were exposed to retail, where they were asked to "clean up" the Abyzz corner at Robinson's. This involved sewing on any loose buttons, organising the clothes on the racks, making sure that the price tags were visible, etc.
As part of the internship challenge, Cyn and Afton also had to design a garment that would be presented as part of Desmond Yang's showcase at the Singapore Fashion Festival (SFF). I watched them draft, cut and discuss the piece with the seamstress (ah, memories....I even recognised Afton's handwriting on her pattern piece, sigh)
Last bit showed them helping out at the SFF, and their outfit being presented. Must have been very fulfilling to show a piece at SFF - Desmond looked quite pleased with the 2 of them, and he seemed to be quite easy to work with as well. I'm glad the girls' internship experience went well!

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