Gearing Up

I've been spending the last few days in a more "active" mode - worked on designs over the weekend, and went to Arab Street for fabric shopping on Monday. Tuesday was spent at my seamstress' place, explaining designs, handing over supplies etc. Guess I'm aware that I should be making use of the last few months that I'm mobile (I sound really morbid here eh). The tummy is growing and I might as well make the most of my 2nd trimester, especially since I've got a little more energy now.

Yet again, I bemoan the lack of interesting and good fabric in Singapore. When I find something that I like, there usually isn't enough of it left for a decent sized collection : ( Also it's quite "distressing" when I have in mind a certain trim or button in a certain colour, but when I reach the shop, I can't find what I'm looking for.

'Cos then I either 1) have to make do with an alternative, or 2) spend time on another trip to some other supplies shop to see if they have what I want.

I hate when this happens because I am always caught in a dilemma. By searching further I hold up production, andthere's no guarantee of finding the "right" item either. If I pick an available alternative, it's usually not very suitable and I have to live with a "nagging" uncomfortable feeling that there is something not very satisfactory about my final product. It always bugs me I can't execute my design per what I have in mind, but given the constraints here, sometimes there is little choice.

If all goes well, I hope to have a good number of new items in a few months' time. I'm being a little more ambitious than usual, but whether it all pans out depends on whether my helpers are good and fast, and also whether I want to spend more moolah or not!

In the meantime, I'm supposed to be updating my costing sheets - but so very sian.....have a whole pile of receipts that I need to record, yucks! I'm putting it off for as long as I can......

Feeling rather lazy today after all that running around over the last few days.

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Sally Ho said...

keep up the good work. I also agree that there are not alot of interesting fabric in S'pore. I wonder where the other s'pore fashion designer get their fabric supply from? Does anyone know?