Chicken Soup

You may have read about the new Singapore edition of Chicken Soup for the Soul or seen it at the bookshops.

Well, guess what. I'm in it! Was approached by the author Leong Ching end of last year and I supplied her an article. Later I found out that not all contributions made it to the final copy.

Well, lo and behold last week I was browsing at PageOne at Vivo and saw the book. So obviously I just had to flip though it to see if the article made it, and it did!

It's a sappy little thing (as Chicken soup articles tend to be) - if you want to know what it's about, go check it out at the bookstores.

I'm still waiting for my free copy (apparently all contributors get a complimentary one) but I suppose I'll just have to wait in line behind Sim Wong Hoo and Nanz Chong-Komo :)

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emy said...

Congrats gal! I am also *crossing my fingers* that there's a complimentary copy coming in.

It's great to know that things are going really well for you! :)