Two Blue Lines

one blue line = not pregnant

two blue lines = pregnant

and the stick showed:

In order not to bore anyone here, I'm posting about the pregnancy on a separate blog: 9 months to another sung

According to kisu, baby sung is either a 28th, 29th or 30th generation Sung - exact details need to be confirmed with his Dad.

If you'd like to know all the details, tune in there. I have to say that I have not been a very happy camper these past few weeks due to hormonal changes (much like an extreme PMS), my horrendous love-hate relationship with food and the dreaded puke-iness. Be prepared to put up with my rantings and ravings on the other blog.


Evangeline said...

hi.. click onto "next blog" accidentally and here i am! lol.. reading your blog! would love to send my congratulation to you!! take care ^^

Reg said...

Congrats, Dot!

pearlyn said...

Congrats, Peiming.
It all sounds very exciting.

yen said...


Evenstar said...

Congratulations darling! you deserve it, after the huddle of setting up your own clothing line, its time to nurture a little one. I am with you all the way. I have a 1+ year(s) old daughter after almost 10 years of trying. God be with you on this Journey.

Rachel said...

congratulations! what a birthday present, huh? :)

btw, our mutual friend, joyce koh, will be coming home for a hols in mid-may.

dot said...

hello folks!

thank you for all the well wishes - it's taken about this long for the pregnancy to really sink in!

Esther said...

Congratulations, dearie! Of course I will be checking out your other blog regularly for updates... sounds like you won't be reading my blog as often now :)

eliz said...

Congratulations Dot... keep us posted on your due date =)

Best wishes from Eliz and YX

Karen said...