Korean Lesson #2
Passed rather uneventfully. Following last weeks' lesson where we learnt about objects and people (What is it? & Who is this?), this week we learnt about places and how to say Where is it? I haven't done my homework yet, and we have a test coming up on Thursday, so I have nothing much to report on this front!

Poppy Girls' Day Out Party
Not as big a success as Fash Bash, but nonetheless, I managed to meet the lovely Sarah who runs Poppy, Amelia and Julianna of Scarlet Ivory which makes gorgeous bags from vintage fabric, and Lynda of Little Odd Forest.

As is my usual practice, I wore something of my own design to the event, the Mood Puff Sleeve Dress. I chose this particular dress because it used to be a little loose on me, so I thought it would be able to accomodate the pregnancy weight. It started out OK, and then as the day progressed, I found it sickeningly tight around my ribcage. I had to stand up every once in a while because it was SOOOO tight! Plus, it was quite warm because although the aircon was on, the windows to the house were left open so that some of the stall owners could hang their goods on the window grilles. Thank goodness I cut my hair - but even then it was too warm so I chucked it up in a ponytail.


The minute I got into the car when the event was over, I told Kisu to unzip me so that I could breath properly - I sat with my back plastered to the car seat all the way home.

Anyway, some photos from the event. Not very good 'cos I took them with my hp. Kisu, super supportive as usual was there, supplying snacks whenever I was hungry (walking to the nearby Holland V to purchase) and helping me with the setup and tear down. Poor thing, another precious weekend wasted (but he did manage to devour 2 copies of the Economist while there)! I'm planning to buy him something nice with the proceeds from my 2 events :)



Freelance Designing
Very preliminary still, but I'm exploring doing some freelance design work for a local firm whose owner approached me after seeing me on Career Blueprint. I'm glad for another creative outlet and opportunity to learn more about the fashion industry. And guess what, things are moving fast - we are going to meet a potential client this Wednesday. Whoo hoo!


Saggs said...

*Pat on Kisu's back* for being a doting husband and a papa-to-be!

You look nice in your dress, btw. :)
Looking every bit the 'yummy mummy'! Heh heh.

andrea said...

That dress is super cute. I really love it!!