Fash Bash, Korean class & a Birthday

hello! yes, i know i have been incredibly tardy in posting recently, and you know what a vicious cycle that is!
the less you blog, the less you want to keep up with it. "it's been so long already, nevermind lah, just skip another day..."

OK, will try to be more diligent from now on: (& a long post coming up)

Recent Events

1. Fash Bash

Fash Bash, at Curiocity, NAFA campus was a pretty roaring success, I'm glad to report. Was there practically all day this past Saturday (9.30am - 7pm) but it was worth it - the crowds were packing it in! It's one of the better organised events that I've participated in - only thing lacking was: space.

Each stall is only 3 feet by 4 feet. That's about enough for one clothes rack and 2 chairs. In order to maximise rack/clothing exposure, I placed the rack right in front of the stall (which basically hid the space behind) and ended up sitting on a chair hidden behind the clothes. Each time I saw hands ruffling through the clothes, I would pop up and show myself. No doubt scaring a few shoppers away, but no choice lah! No space!!!!

Poor sweet Kisu came along for the entire day (thus burning his 1 precious day of the weekend) because I didn't have anyone else helping me....he was designated the task of going to buy food/ snacks and being the official "mirror-bearer": holding up my portable Ikea mirror for the ladies when they wanted to check themselves out! And helping me load and unload stuff of course :)

Jenny, Esther, Meips, Charm, Karen H and even my seamstress (!) dropped by to say Hi and Meips bought a dress from me too! Saw Ai Lin of Epilogue bags (first met her at Singapore Fashion Fest) and Yi-Lian of Summerfly (from MAAD) and met the owner of Tan Tan, which was next to me. Customers dropped by too, Regina, Stella (whom I also met at MAAD previously), Karen, Celine....

I was right next to Swirl, so thankfully had Evelyn, Suzanne and their helper Angie for company and chit chat. Although with the crowds, there were very few free moments. But I did manage to walk around a little to look at the other shops (a very squeezy walk) and bought a super comfy vintage-y look jersey dress from Dress Up 2 the 9s. Was quite taken with the jewellery from Granny's Day Out and Mea Culpa. Suzanne was eyeing a gorgeous baby blue vintage bag from Dustbunny Vintage, and Evelyn and I were trying to egg her on to buy it. I have to say she had tremendous will power and held herself back from the practically mint condition bag! (*edit: she DIDN'T resist! she must have bought it when i wasn't looking!!!)

The event was supposed to end at 9, but we were given the option of closing by 7 if we wished. Which Swirl and I both did - I really didn't want to spend my dinner eating out of a styrofoam box at the event. Sales were pretty satisfactory and I didn't want Kisu to waste his entire Saturday there. So we packed up and were out by 7. Because we felt like we had "suffered" though the day, we felt a dinner at the Ritz was justifiable; ended up blowing a chunk of earnings on the buffet dinner!

2. Korean Language Class

Have been wanting to do this for a long time, and finally, with Bifang for company, signed up for Conversational Basic Korean Level I at the NUS Extension. Our first class was last Thursday, 7 - 9.30pm and we have 10 sessions in total. There are approximately 20 students in the class, There were only 3 male students. Some were studying Korean for work, others to understand Korean dramas and songs better, one guy had a Korean girlfriend...

Our teacher is Ms Ebony Bae - she's been teaching in Singapore for more than 10 years and she is super hyper and funny! She conducts class with minimal English - trying to get us to maximise our Korean speaking time in class. There is no translation or explanation - rather, you understand what she's saying or what she wants you to do based on a combination of actions plus context. According to Kisu who's gone for a fair number of language courses in college, this is the best way to learn a new language. Just immerse yourself fully into it and speak nothing else in class.

We started off watching a video introducing Korea, its culture and language, complete with Kimchi eating ang mohs. Ms Bae introduced herself and told us about the structure of Korean language classes at NUS Extension. There are subsidies for top students and even various exchange programmes to Korea! Wow, so you can spend anything from 3 weeks to a couple months studying in Korea, and quite a few of her students have done that. Cool!

First, she showed us a series of flash cards - each had a picture of various objects like a telephone, calculator, chair, book, eraser, etc. As she showed them to us, she would state what the objects were in Korean and we had to repeat till we remembered what each one was. Once we were familar with their names, she used the objects in a simple sentence/conversation (pointing to the card with the calculator on it):

a-ni-yo, jcn-hwa-ki-a-ni-ye-yo.

is it a telephone?
no, it is not a telephone.
it is a calculator.

We repeated this many times till we got it. She never translated the words, but it's easy enough to get the idea.

After this, we learnt Hangeul. It's phonetic, like English. First we memorised how to speak and write the Korean vowels and consonants. After that, we practised putting the 2 together to form simple words.

Before class ended, we learned another string of sentences:


(who is this? this is susie) she even threw in pictures of hyun bin (ms bae says she likes binny too) and bae yong joon in the mix! funny.

In the 2 1/2 hours, we only had one 5 minute break, but the class practically flew by. I really enjoyed it although I was quite stressed initially feeling like my brain wasn't cooperating. I couldn't remember what item was what in Korean! Didn't help that the guy behind me sounded super comfortable with everything he was saying and was rattling off everything at top speed.

my homework this week is to make a little flash card containing all the vowels and consonants, plus memorise my vocabulary (simple words like mother, sister, cucumber, baby...etc etc)

3. Birthday

Sunday was my birthday - I only got up around 11 because I was so wiped out from fash bash the day before! Kisu took me for lunch at the Wah Lok restaurant at Carlton hotel. Had peking duck (yummy!)

In between we came home and he spent the afternoon drilling me on my Korean homework!
First he made me memorise all the vocab, then say (plus write) things like:

Is this a cow? No, this is not a cow, this is a duck.

Then he said random words and I tried writing them based on what I knew of the vowels and consonants. So I wrote stuff like:

Sang-doo-ya, ha-kyo-ka-ja! (let's go to school, sang-doo)
Nae I-reum-eun Kim Sam-soon (My name is Kim Sam Soon)

It was great practice though! So now I can say and write things like duck, meat, cow, shoe, beach, head, leg etc...! Haha!

To round off my very Korean day, we had dinner at Crystal Jade Korean restaurant at Taka. Kisu ordered dukguk for me, which is a beef soup with korean rice cake (duk) in it. It's what you eat on your birthday, and of course we had loads of BBQ kalbi as well.

* Photo coming - it's in Kisu's phone! *


Esther said...

Happy Belated Birthday! :)

Still can't get over how cramped Fash Bash was... but I think mostly I just wasn't in the mood for crowds.

Korean classes sound fun! More korean phrases pls, so we can learn along with you...

Zann said...

Happy belated birthday!!!


P.S. I didn't manage to resist the blue vintage bag! And I'm glad I didn't! It's beautiful!

carol said...

Happy happy birthday! Korean sounds cool! I find it hard to learn a new language at our age, but maybe it's just me... keep it up! Maybe I can learn a phrase or two from you here!

meips said...

Hey happy belated birthday - i so blur, i was thinking about it the other day cos charm reminded me but i forgot when i saw you on Saturday. I blame it on your lovely dresses distracting me :-)

Fyi, I intend to wear your dress when we watch Phantom on Wed night. Will send you some pics if possible :-)

dot said...

hello everyone! it's good to be back! thank you for the lovely birthday wishes! I will continue updating on the Korean classes, so you will see more K-phrases along the way - I am now trying to do my homework =P
meips - please send picture if you do take one!

Saggs said...

Oh my gawd. Am so late. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, doll!

Hope you had a great one! :)

the Chans