"This...is...SPARTA !!!!"

Has anyone seen 300 yet?

I loved it, and if you haven't seen it, go catch it now! (Trailer here)

I went in not knowing anything about the movie (Kisu wanted to watch, and when pressed, said "It's about the Spartans")

300 is based on the graphic novel by Frank Miller ("Sin City") and is about the historical Battle of Thermopylae where King of Sparta Leonidas leads 300 soldiers in their fight to the death against King Xerxes and the Persian army of over a million soldiers.

It's awesome! A visual feast - beautifully shot (graphic novel come alive), gorgeously gory fight scenes, a colourful cast of characters, background to the fascinating military culture of the Spartans. As a bonus, since the Spartans are indeed, very er... spartan in their dressing (loincloth and cape) you get to see the 6-pack abs of all the soldiers.

And amazingly, Rodrigo Santoro (the hot surfer dude in Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle) as the androgynous Persian King Xerxes.

It's so good I'm going to watch it a 2nd time this weekend - this would be AMAZING on IMAX.


Esther said...

I was totally coerced into watching this show! But since I kinda knew what it was about, I was mentally prepared for all the blood spewing and severed limbs :O
Ok, so the endless display of six-packs did help ease the discomfort a little...

Remember back in RJ when we had orientation? My OG was Sparta!

dot said...

wasn't it great though? maybe i loved it so much 'cos i went in with zero expectation...but i did think that it was very well done - apparently took 2 years to complete! yes, i did tell kisu about our OG names after watching this - you were in Sparta?!!! I was in Octavius...bah - now I think Spartans are too cool!