Singapore Fashion Festival

The Singapore Fashion Festival this year is being held from March 23rd - April 1st. Most of the events are held at "the Tent" outside Ngee Ann City and there are also Fringe events happening at various malls like Paragon & Marina Square.

Unlike Singapore Fashion Week, which is more of a trade/industry targeted event, the Singapore Fashion Festival is for the masses. It's been happening for a couple years now and I have always wanted to attend one of the shows. There is a mix of invite only versus open-to-public events; you just go online and download tickets for the public shows. This year, I actually tried to score some of the tickets to the free shows - unfortunately they were all snapped up a day post release, and I also realised that the free shows were not that great - e.g. stuff from Marks & Spencer.

So, luckily then that Evelyn invited me to Baylene's "Femmes de Caractere" (Women of Character) fashion show which I just attended this evening at the Tent.

We signed in (since it was an invitation-only event) and hung around for about 30 mins in the waiting area before the doors opened into the stage area (de rigeur, it seems at these events - thus the term "fashionably late").

Met a couple of people via Evelyn who are also in the fashion biz - Ai Lin of Epilogue and Lynette of L'ArtiChaut. Love the Tatty Devine jewellery from L'ArtiChaut!!

People spotted: Junita Simon, Denise Keller, Xiaxue, Clarence Lee, Wykidd Song, assorted fashion journos.

Others, who were modelling for the show (Baylene used a mixture of professional models plus local female "celebs"): May & Choy, Nadya Hutagalug, Irene Ang, Rosalyn Lee, Andrea de Cruz

T'ang Quartet was also there supplying the music.

The tent is pitch black on the inside....and rather small. There wasn't even a raised stage! In fact, the models catwalked on the floor while the audience were on raised platforms. The collection was quintessentially Baylene - a black and white palette with detailed construction and draping. She had about 30 plus pieces in total and me and Evelyn were musing about how much work must have gone into preparing for this show. We on the other hand, dilly dally on our pieces so it takes us ages to come up with 1 new pattern!

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