The Kim Sam Soon Connection II aka Swirl and the K-Drama

So, it was the K-drama Que Sera Sera that was filmed at Swirl! (See earlier post here)

Filming took place last Thursday - I was invited to go down to kay-poh a bit, but I didn't 'cos it clashed with something else I had on.

Evelyn was asked to star as herself opposite actor Lee Kyu Han - remember him as Kim Sam Soon's philandering boyfriend?

Too bad it wasn't Hyun Bin otherwise I would have cancelled all appointments and rushed down, hah! (And I'm sure Esther and Meips would have as well.... ^_^)

And here's Evelyn with lead actress Jung Yoo Mi (notice Dotted Line stuff in background...hee!)

Jung Yoo Mi in Swirl

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Beloved said...

Hi Dot,
Thanks for your comment on my site. I'm glad to know you might try my soon dubu recipe. I hope it works out well for you. It's really nowhere near as good as any I had in Korea, but I'm pretty desperate where I live now.

As for Hyun Bin--I'd rush to anywhere he was--lol.