have just returned from colourful India!

Managed to traverse 3 locations over a 9-day trip - the main purpose was to attend Nags' and Swati's wedding, which was held in Mumbai and Chennai.

But Yun-jo, who flew in from NY for the wedding & reception, and I also did a tour of the Kerala backwaters after the wedding (Kisu had to return home for work).

Our count
9 days
3 cities
5 hotels

I must say, India is much harder to do as one gets older. Our conclusion: 5-star is the way to go in India! (Taj hotels preferable) This is after we stayed at several erm, shall we say rustic lodgings.

More on that and lots of photos showcasing the gorgeous colours of India later - I have over 800 photos in total that are waiting for me to edit and photoshop!

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