Ushering in the Year of the Golden Pig

...Hope you all had your fill of bak kwa, kum and awkward meet-ups with long lost relatives.

Kisu and I were in KL (PJ rather) to spend New Years with my relatives. OK, I know the inevitable question will arise - am I Malaysian? No lah, I'm not. I'm 100% Singaporean born and bred. This is my mum's side of the family. But no, my mum wasn't Malaysian either. So why am I here, and them there? Long story - too long to go into here.

We stayed at my Uncle Robert (mum's younger brother) & Aunty Irene's place, and I got to see my Popo (maternal grandma) and hang out with the cousins that I'm (despite the distance) closest to - Thiam Wai, Thiam Kuon, Thiam Fatt and Thiam Beng.

This year we left on Saturday morning (eve of CNY), and headed for the 2nd link. We had been up late the night before and so plans of a 6am start did not materialise - we reached Tuas around 10am. Thankfully traffic was fabulous - no jams or overly agressive drivers.....Kisu did all the driving and I'm sure the favourite part of his roadtrip was eating yummy fried chicken along the rest stops. I swear, just go to any random rest stop along the highway, and you'll find fried chicken that tastes better than anything you'll get in Singapore!

The usual CNY SOP "Standard Operating Procedure" applies:

CNY Eve - Reunion Dinner at home - all singlehandedly and lovingly prepared by my Aunt.
Day 1 - Lunch is usually noodles and homemade wantons (extremely yummy). Cousins Wai Ying and Wai Hong drop by and join us for dinner.
Day 2 - Cousins Pat, May, Eric, Yvonne and their families will come over. Visit my Aunt's family in the evening.

Once the "meet n greet" is done, and ang pows are distributed, all of us will veg. out in front of the TV watching Astro (the equivalant of our cable) or pirated DVDs. This year, I managed to catch Shark Tale, Dreamgirls, Fantastic 4, Battle of Wits (Andy Lau) and a most ridiculous parody of Journey to the West, called A Chinese Tall Story. It stars Nicholas Tse as a monk (?!!) and there are other weird scenes that had me scratching my head.

Nights are typically spent drinking and/or clubbing, followed by supper at the mamak stalls. Kisu and I hang out with Thiam Wai and Thiam Kuon the most - because they are the closest to us in age. They are also big n clubbing, so we inevitably end up with a bottle of Chivas (the family drink of choice) and club hopping in KL.

We visited Aloha along Jalan Pinang - and for the first time experienced a lion dance in a club! Yes, midway, they stopped the music and 2 lions were ushered in. Next stop was The Loft near the Sheraton - there's an entire stretch of clubs here. This place was classier, had a better crowd and cooler music, It got really packed...and we stayed till closing time (3am). I had a great time people watching - lots of attempted (but failed) pick-ups happening throughout the night..heheh.
After 3 days of overeating, drinking and losing money (poker and ang pows), we made our way back Tuesday afternoon.

Happy CNY everyone!!!

(err...no photos...I lugged the DSLR all the way in, but was too lazy to use it! we got some pics on Kisu's phone though, will upload!)

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