Raffles Design Institute Young Entrepreneur

Publicity begets publicity.

Guess what?
I'm now on the Raffles Design Institute website : )

There are even pictures of when they filmed the re-enactment of me in school!

Dot Raffles Design Institute


carol said...

Love the dresses in your new collection! Although I don't think they'll fit me :P

Oh, I don't remember if I told you this (bad memory and all), I received the skirt and it fits! Thank you thank you... It's still a bit too cold here to wear it, but I'll find a chance soon!

Hope you'll get the Career Blueprint program uploaded to youtube soon. It's hard to imagine you with a bitchy face since you always smile so radiantly in pictures :)

dot said...

ah, the pictures lie....

hey, glad the skirt got to you fine and that it fits! whoo hoo! send me a pic of u wearing it!

Saggs said...

cool bananas! Great publicity everywhere! Hoorah!

Saggs said...

Totally unrelated comment but your 'Profile' pix looks Korean? Must be all the Korean drama serials and cooking... u're morphing!

Heh heh.

* btw, D's mum (my MIL) saw you on telly and was gushing to D over the phone!