Store Update

Sorry about the lack of posts recently....I've been busy updating the shop - lots of phototaking, photoshopping (particularly timeconsuming) and website updates. Thank goodness for the DSLR camera, which helps make my job much easier!

So far, I have stocked some new dresses, separates and bags from madbeautiful.

(clockwise from top left: just peachy dress, mood puff sleeve dress, cappuccino blouse, english rose dress)

There are going to be couple more dresses post CNY, and after that it's going to be more of a mad rush trying to come up with more new items!

February is a pretty tight month for me, because I'm going to be doing a bit of travelling - I'll be in KL for CNY, and after that India for Nags' wedding.

This will be my 4th trip to India - besides Mumbai, where the wedding is going to be held, I will also be touring Kerala with Yun-jo and hopefully Sham (if she gets her leave). It all sounds really exciting 'cos there are tea plantations to visit, and an overnight stay on a houseboat! Also looking forward to to using the DSLR to take some nice travel pics!

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Saggs said...

Your forthcoming trips sound exciting! And I love the pix you took of your new designs.