The Kim Sam Soon Connection

In the weirdest hallyu twist yet, the director of My Name is Kim Sam Soon (MNIKSS) recently stepped into Swirl.

Yes, can you believe it?!! How freaky (in a good way) is that?!

So, Evelyn was telling me about this last week when we were shopping for fabric at Arab Street. The director somehow found about Swirl and went to visit the shop. He asked her if he could film the shop (not sure what for, but my guess is for some Korean travel programme??) and even bought some accessories from them!

All too ironically, Evelyn is not a K-drama fan (duh!) and so when he asked her if she had heard of MNIKSS, she had no idea what it was!!! Although she did tell him that her friend (yours truly) is a big fan.

Latest update from her is that they are coming back next week to do more research...and she's going to try and get the store and my stuff featured.

How cool would that be?

p/s: Oh gosh, maybe can score a Kim Sun Ah or (gasp!) Hyun Bin autograph?!!!!


Saggs said...


*slap on de head*

SY huang said...

Wow! So cool !
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