Career Blueprint

I managed to make it through the programme last night with minimal cringing (that was the first time I was seeing the show)

Could you tell that I was concentrating very hard trying to regurgitate the Chinese "script" I had just memorised?

And Gosh, I have *such* a bitchy face! Even I got scared looking at myself! No wonder my friends say I am "black face". Must remember to smile more often.

The funniest part to me was when I saw Kristen (that's the girl who plays me) being filmed in design school. She's draping something on the mannequin and the School's principal is guiding her. I found that amusing because that would never have happened - the Principal doesn't teaches students at that level - he only teaches the really senior ones.

I got a lot of comments about how Kristen doesn't resemble me at all. Well, no choice lor. It's hard to find people, I guess. Actually I think she did a good job of walking up and down Raffles Place looking pensive! Although, I don't think I'm that drama.

If you missed it, and are curious - I'll be getting a copy of the show soon and I'll try to upload it to Youtube then!


wtpgRR said...

Hello Dorothy,
I happen to be able to sit infront of my Tv last night and watch your show!I hardly have time for tv -_-

Good JOB! I really admire people like you alot!

Though you look a bit fierce on TV... but still ok lah... not to the extend will frighten off ppl but true lah, since you are in the service line, must smile often :)
And you hv slight resemble of our AH jie, ZOE Tay...hee

I quite like some of your design too... but quite diff to find a snuggling piece cos I hv odd and out-of-shape size... u know... after giving birth...feature gone havoc... -_-


Hey! YOu like RAIN ??!
I hv a blog fren who live him too! Yeah... she went for that concert... I bet she'll envy you... you got the front view :)

CNY coming... wish you prosperous business ;)


dot said...

hello! i get the "zoe tay" resemblence comment quite a bit, and yes I do like Rain. A recent occurance actually - but besides this obsession, I'm actually quite a normal well adjusted person :)

toobs said...

hey u indeed look "black face".. no offence but like what wtpgrr said I totally totally admire your guts!

I'm in the same crossroad as you.. deciding what me and my wife really wants to do for the remaining of our working lives. I'm so inspired to so something about it..

I wish you all the best in your career choice!

Sally Ho said...

Hi Dorothy,

I got to know your blog from Simply Her mag. I have been thinking about becoming a fashion designer seen I was 16 years old but always put off the idea because can't earn alot of money. I recently take part-time fashion design course and basic sewing course after I had read your blog.

I really admire your strong determination. Keep going, you will make it!

Sally Ho

dot said...

toobs & sally, thank you for your well wishes!

If you are really sure that you want to do something different than what you're doing currently, then start to do something about it. Like trying new things and exploring what you might like to do. Making sure you do something about it each day keeps you motivated!

And Sally, I'm glad to hear that you've started taking design classes!

Reg said...

Hey Dot, your command of Chinese is much better than I'd expected. Seriously, I don't even know how to say "policy" in Mandarin.