oops, i know i've been pretty lazy about posting recently....i still have 2 more entries about my LA trip - but there are so many photos, and the effort of uploading them to flickr is making me procrastinate!

anyways, I got distracted!

I had dinner at Jenny's last night together with Aivee. It's been some time since all three of us caught up, and it was a potluck dinner of sorts, so I made tiramisu at Jenny's request.

I used to be quite an avid baker - my specialities were butter cake and I also attempted brownies, chocolate cakes and cookies, etc. But since moving to my new place, I don't have an oven (I only believe in using large gas ovens), and so I haven't baked since. But tiramisu is a no- bake dessert, it was do-able. And I thought it would be nice to do something that I haven't done in a pretty long time.

So out came the weighing scales, mixers and mixing bowls that I haven't used in ages. I even managed to find an aged bottle of rum for the recipe! I think my Dad might have bought it back in the day, but it was still sealed...and smooth after all these years!




I don't really like the idea of eating raw eggs, but tiramisu is so good though! I'm folding the egg whites into the mascapone, egg yolk and sugar mix


The final product, ta da



All in all, pretty easy. My biggest challenge was navigating a variety of mixing bowls around my limited counter space, and trying not to overload on the rum!


Saggs said...

Yum! Can we request for it too when we're back?


Esther said...

Any chance you can share the recipe??? :)

dot said...

saggs - i will gladly make it when you're back!
esther - sure, it's from delia smith: http://www.deliaonline.com/recipes/tiramisu,802,RC.html