Press Alert! Dotted Line on Blogtv.sg

hihi folks,

I'm on TV - Click here to view "Going Pro!", the episode of blogtv.sg that I was interviewed on.

Thing is, I haven't been able to bring myself to watch it - just the very thought makes me cringe. I did watch a couple minutes worth of Segment 1 without any sound (I suppose it's a little like how watching a horror movie without sound makes it less scary?)

The weird thing is, I think I just signed myself up for another TV interview =P Not finalised yet, but it's a possible thing in the works!


Sonicstarburst said...

Hi Dot,

Happy New Year! Looking forward to your new stuff in larger sizes for plus sized people like me!

Hope you rem me?Dec was a bad month for me. Just an update - I still am doing part time teaching.

Caught you yesterday on Blog and could tell BF, I sorta know her n own something from Dot!

Have a great year in 2007!


Alicia said...

Hey woman, that's really good exposure and will draw more hits to your site - well done! You're very telegenic, just smile more! :)

Saggs said...

Ok watched it. You spoke really well and fluently. But yes, show us more of your pearly whites! You did good!


carol said...

you looked very professional and definitely stylish! enjoyed watching it :)