I'm back!

Happy New Year everybody!

I'm back after almost 24 hours of travel time, 18 hours of which were spent cooped up in a plane.

Reached at 1am last night and had about 3 hours of sleep. No signs of fatigue from me yet (which is unnatural given the hours I'm keeping), but I'm sure I'll pass out later.

It's nice to be back, with my beloved Internet and email!!!!

Kisu's parents' place does not have Internet access, TV (they watch videos) or newspapers (Korean newspapers only) so we were essentially isolated from the world at large - I was suffering major withdrawal symptoms.

Will be posting soon about the trip....lots of pictures taken with the new DSLR camera...fabrics and DVDs that we lugged back, food we ate, etc...

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Alicia said...

YES, tempting photos of lovely fabric please!!!