I have bangs!

I wanted a change, but didn't want to cut my hair (yet - I do love short hair, but it took me such a long time to grow this out that I'm not quite willing to let go of it yet) so here's the new "do".

The last time I had this hairdo was when I was back in JC (sob, sob - that's more than 10 years ago!)

Dot w Bangs cropped

Shots a bit blurry cos I took it myself. I also photoshopped out my eyebags...haha!

*promise I will finish up on the LA posts soon!*


yun-jo said...

hey, are bangs one way of trying to blend in with Rain fans on sunday?? =)

Saggs said...

Hear hear!

I second yun-jo's comment!

dot said...

why is everyone "accusing" me of this?!!

Toon said...

dottty, very refreshing!!! i like!!! next round can go even shorter! hohohohoh

dot said...

i agree..i'm gonna go shorter and thicker the next time I go to the salon!