I'm just SO glad it's not raining this morning. Isn't it terrible, this weather we've been having recently? Have you seen this much rain?!!!

Pat's back for vacation from New York, so met up with her, Juliana and Jackie last evening for our usual catch up session. The plan was to go for drinks and finger food at One Rochester, but because of all the thundering and rainstorm, we scrapped that idea and ended up roaming the Raffles City/ Marina and Esplanade area instead.

We had dinner at Cherry Garden at the Oriental Hotel at Juliana's recommendation - good food, service was very attentive, and it was rather quiet - very conducive for catching up.

Here's Pat!


Opening her Christmas present from Jackie


Rainy weather and grey skies make me want to stay home and hide from the world. The sunlight streaming into the room today is such a welcome reprive after all the grey and stormy skies - just wonder how long it will last.

Speaking of rain, I (given that I'm now embracing all things Korean) am itching to go for Rain's upcoming concert on the 21st of Jan. The only thing holding me back are the exhorbitant ticket prices! $888 is the most expensive, and get this - mere mortals such as I are not even eligible to purchase them. The privilege of purchasing these tickets is bestowed only on members of some special Rain fanclub!


Saggs said...

Someone's morphing into a K-crazy fan, eh? I bought one of Rain's CDs (with free MV VCD) after watching 'Full House' just to see him dance??!!


dot said...

yeah not quite sure what is happening to me?! early mid life crisis perhaps. i think i have that same album...haha! but he's really quite good, wat!

Saggs said...


heh heh :P

yun-jo said...

it's about time i say! =)