New Collection?

Have been getting enquiries on when the new collection for Dotted Line will be ready.

*fingers crossed* If all goes according to schedule, there will be new items in store in the January/February timeframe. It's not a full collection - more a mini update, but I'm very excited! I just LOVE the fabrics used for this round of clothes - luxurious silks and chiffons, and some wonderful colours and prints. For this collection, I got to use some of the fabric that I carted back from my trips overseas. I didn't buy large quantities, so there are less than 10 pieces each in total for some designs.

I'll leave you to imagine how these could turn out : )

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I'll be sending updates round once these babies are in!

Fabric Side


Karen M said...

Those are the fabrics that I like!! Hope I can fit :) *fingers crossed*

dot said...

i know - hope you can fit too! The peachy fabric that you like, came out looking really fabulous in particular - i love the dress that it turned into!

Alicia said...

Woman, can chope or not?! I'll be back for Chinese New Year, hope it's in time to see the new line before it sells out!!!

Stereoette said...

that top one just takes my breath! cant wait to see 'em!