K-razy Part II

Since we've finished MNIKSS, we've moved on to "Full House" (borrowed from Kisu's colleague)
I can't say I like it as much, but it's entertaining enough, although rather draggy. I guess MNIKSS set my expectations a little too high on the K-drama bar.

Kisu doesn't mind watching the show with me because of the lead actress Song Hye-Gyo, of the famous weepy, Autumn in My Heart. I, on the other hand, have to put up with Rain's rather awful sartorial choices in the show. When I brought up the unfairness of it all, Kisu pointed out that he had to "live" with Sam-Soon in MNIKSS. Pffft.

So now, he wants to watch Autumn in My Heart after we finish Full House. While I want to watch something with Hyun Bin in it next (Ireland, maybe?). We haven't settled the issue yet.
This would be a good compromise, hoho!
The good thing about watching Korean dramas is that Kisu seems to be getting in touch with his inner Korean. He's started spouting random Korean phrases (especially after consuming some beer), and occasionally breaks out into the "Three Bears" song from Full House.
As we're going to be in L.A. over the Christmas and New Year break, he's promised to bring me to Korea Town (which is the next best thing to actually being in Korea, supposedly) to buy up all DVDs with Hyun Bin in it...hee hee!!!

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Saggs said...

Wahahahaha! Was wondering why you were so quiet lately. It's all of 'em dramas now eh? Kekekeke!

By the way, did you get anything in the mail?