Happy Holidays!

Goodbye folks!

We won't be around for the next 2 weeks. I'm making my fourth trip to the US this year - am going to visit Hubby's family in LA over Christmas and New Year! We will be staying at my in-laws, together with Kiae & Kevin, my sis and bro-in-law who are visiting from Chicago, where they reside. And Yun-jo will be making a brief trip from NY, so we'll be able to catch up with her too!

Looking forward to the best Korean food ever (soondubu!!!), In-N-Out Burger, lots of Korean DVDs from K-town, and visiting the LA garment district to scout for new fabric. Hear that it's one of the largest and most extensive fabric districts in the US, so I hope to bring back a sampling for Dotted Line.

Wish me luck celebrity spotting -I just love reading those tabloid mags (my guilty pleasure) and must confess to constantly surfing People Online (!) My usual practice is to buy up a ton of US mags when I'm there - People, Touch, USWeekly, Domino, Real Simple, Glamour, Lucky, Instyle, Vogue, whoo hoo!

As for Kisu, he will no doubt want to eat his beloved Krispy Kremes. The blinking "Hot Donuts Now" sign outside the store never ceases to elicit a gasp of anticipation, followed by a screech of tires as the car invariably makes a detour towards those piping hot, fluffy morsels.

So, Merry Christmas all, and a Blessed New Year!

Look out for the new collection of Dotted Line coming up in 2007!

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