Full Circle

When I left school last year, I told the girls: Remember to invite me back to your graduation fashion show.

And now the time has come.

It's been one year down the road, and my fellow cohort will be putting up a graduate fashion show of their mini collections.

This is a requirement for all graduating students - diploma students put up a 5 outfit collection, and degree students, an 8 outfit collection. They prepare their portfolio, source for fabrics in Hong Kong (the school brings them on a buying trip sometime in September), and then begin construction of the actual garments. The show will be held at a 5 star hotel, replete with professional models, hair and makeup.

Saturday night I happened to be having dinner near school, so I messaged Afton to ask if she was around. I guessed that I would find her there, as most graduating fashion design students would be in school round the clock doing intensive sewing at this stage. Bearing a bag of snacks, I found Afton, Cyn and Cessa in the sewing room on the 3rd floor (this is the room we used to sew in just before I graduated). It was so good to see them after all this time! It was 9pm and the girls were still sewing and cutting. Cessa said she had only and hours' sleep the night before and was tending to a skirt covered entirely with peacock feathers. Cyn looked like she was completely zapped, and was trying to interface and sew what I think was part of a jacket. Afton looked the chirpiest of the lot.

Much as they were all looking tired and stressed, I envied them. A fashion show! Knowing what they must have studied, experienced, learned in order to get to this point, this place.

Much as I know that I left to get some real world experience, I will always feel like I left something unfinished.

I hope that someday, no matter how old I may be at the time, I will have a chance to complete a proper diploma or degree in fashion. Only then will I feel as if I have experienced the education process fully.

The graduation fashion show is next week. I am so proud of the girls for coming this far. It isn't an easy process going through this course - a lot of sacrifice, energy and backbreaking work is involved. I can imagine how tough it is for 19, 20 year olds to give this much commitment on time and effort throughout these 2 years. They can't party or hang out as much as their other friends. I definitely do not recall Uni being as rough - in Uni I was doing 15 hour weeks (!) not 15 hour days.

I have an extra ticket so if anyone is interested in attending, please drop me a line. I would love to have company! (EDIT: Ticket is taken)

The show is on the 13th of December at the Meritus Mandarin.
It starts at 6pm (though you have to be there 5-vish to be seated), there's food and a graduation showcase to view prior the show.


Saggs said...

Would've loved to join you...

min said...

hi! I'm also a fashion student, currently in year 1. i'm curious to knw which fashion sch ur frens r in. i'm hoping to get tix fr e show. wld be glad if u'd drop me an email. checkitout87@hotmail.com