Full Circle - Graduate Fashion Show

After some afternoon Christmas shopping, Jenny and I arrived at the Mandarin ballroom around 5.30pm. We wandered around the exhibition area before we had to get seated for the 6pm show.

Cessa & I, before the show.

She happened to be out in the exhibition area, so I managed to get a pic. Didn't see the rest of the girls, unfortunately - they were all busy backstage making sure that the models were dressed properly. I saw them going onstage to receive their diplomas, but I had to leave without being able to congratulate them : ( I was quite sad not to be able to do this, since it's such a big day for them.


Rika & I

I bumped into Rika after the show. She left Singapore after completing her certificate course, and returned to to Indonesia. But she was back to see her sister, Anita graduate!


I bumped into several of my lecturers from sewing, illustration and drafting class. It was fun to see everyone again.

Pics of the fashion show itself. Sorry about the quality, but there was some funky lighting in the ballroom!

The winning collection


Ashani's collection - Sowei Mascherina


Qin Yao's collection - La Traviata's Soiree


Cessa's collection - La Grand Dame

I didn't manage to get good shots of Afton & Cyn's collection, which is really unfortunate because they are both so good - Cynthia was 1st runner up for her mini-collection!

I'm so proud of you, girls! Congratulations on your graduation!

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