The Friday before Christmas

Morning was spent doing some last minute errands, then a quick meetup with Jenny in the afternoon at Ngee Ann City.

Crowds were huge by usual Singapore standards - particularly in the atrium where lots of couples and families were taking pictures with the large Christmas tree.

We went for tea at the Royal Copenhagen lounge in Takashimaya. Love the cranberry cake there!
tea on the friday b4 xmas

When we finished, it was time to go home and prepare for our Christmas party at Karen's place - it was a small gathering, but how nice to congregate with friends around this time of the year!

Meips was putting her photography skills to good use by snapping photos of Alicia, Karen's 2YO. The rest of us did the usual festive indulging - we had ham, turkey, chicken stips and baklava (!) courtesy of Esther, pasta from meips...I copped out and brought mini cupcakes by baked ideas. Since it was a small group, we ended up eating and chatting in the living room, with E Entertainment playing in the background.

Will post pics if meips sends them to me!

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Saggs said...

The 'toadstool'(?) on top of one of the cakes is precious... yummm...

Merry Merry Christmas! Will miss your updates and happy holidays!