Fab Day

yesterday was a fabulous day for me.

I went to pick up my 2 latest sample pieces in the morning from my seamstress (she's a new lady I found) and they looked good. I was pleased with the structure of the skirt, and also how the lace-y bit that i added turned out.

(Note: the creative process starts with a sample piece of each design first, made in my size. I then decide if any changes need to be made to the pattern, material etc before I buy fabric and notions for the execution of the actual production pieces)

After that, dropped by the PO to send of a parcel to my friend Anna, who ordered a blouse (guess which one? it's so corny) And I had my favourite Bar Chor Mee in the world, Tai Hwa at the Hong Lim food centre.

When I tried on the top and skirt, it fit beautifully - no changes needed to the pattern, yay! Less work for me, haha!!! And it turned out just the way I wanted; I was just so pleased. Recalling when this was just a sketch in my notebook, the process of that sketch becoming reality; having it stand right before you - it's an amazing feeling. It really warmed the cockles of my heart as I looked at it on my mannequin, ahhh.

Little sneak peek here (if you drop by my place, you'll see it in its entirety) :


I also managed to procure a set of the Kim Sam-Soon DVD with English subtitles from a DVD shop in Chinatown! You see, the set that I'd been watching is borrowed and it has Korean and Chinese audio, with Chinese subtitles. Now, I really hate watching dubbed stuff - the voices, subtleties of inflections and enunciation; they all change. I much prefer to watch it in original sound. (oh screw it, the real reason is that hyun bin sounds way sexier speaking korean than spouting mandarin. who is that whiney chinese guy doing the dubbing, anyway?!!)

Anyways, because my Chinese is SO bad, I can't follow the Chinese subs fast enough. Worse, they are fan ti! (complex chinese characters) Which means that for me to understand what is being said, I have to watch it with Chinese audio. Which also means that, Kisu and I can't watch it together - because for him to understand, he would have to watch it in Korean. So for the past episodes, I have been watching them alone. But I managed to find one with English subs at a reasonable price, JOY!!

Evening was spent having dinner with Karen at Sultan Kebab (Meips was held up at work), before going for photography class at Selegie. It was our 2nd lesson. Thankfully this time, the instructor spent less time on small talk and more on the actual subject. Our instructor is a middle aged, professional wedding photographer. A typical Singaporean uncle. His presentation is peppered with Singlish so it makes it a little difficult to understand sometimes. But it's also quite amusing, because he will occasionally utter the most funny statements. We spend our time alternating between trying to decipher what he's saying, and stifling our laughs after some particularly funny illustration or comment.

The only blip in my otherwise fantabulous day was getting a parking ticket for insufficient coupons =P but even that couldn't dampen my mood!

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Toon said...

Dotty, will you be introducing L size for your "larger than life" friends????