Exploring Robertson Walk

Last Friday, Kisu got off work reasonably early, and we decided to go for dinner at Robertson Walk.

I'd read about and wanted to try The Chocolate Factory which is one of the cafe/restaurants in the area.

We did dinner at Shuunju, which specialises in little Japanese skewer thinggies - I forget what they're called. They have this fabulous appetiser, a stack of white cabbage that you dip in miso paste. Very tasty!

Post dinner, we took a little stroll along the river - it was quite a cool evening and pretty busy there - and onward to The Chocolate Factory for the blackforest cake.

Here's Kisu with his huge cup of hot chocolate (accompanied by a madeleine and piece of chocolate) and my slice of blackforest cake.


Closeup of the food


The cake was pretty good - it was a good portion, worthy of the $9.50 price tag, and pretty authentic tasting to me! Quite sour though, the liquer that the cherries were soaked in!

There's even a separate section in the shop that houses chocolates and truffles made by the owner. They're quite pricey but very good! We bought some to take home with us (we ate them while watching Full House) - my favourite was the Whisky truffle. But of course, since I'm a whisky fan!

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needsomecoffee said...

I just had the exact same combi the other day ... Shuunju followed by The Chocolate Factory! The stick thinggies are called yakitori. Slurp.