Visiting Orchard

Was in Orchard recently, and in the name of "market research" I decided to drop by Tangs and Wisma. I wanted to buy lipstick (Tangs) and it's been a while since I've shopped at Wisma. I wanted to check out Topshop and whatever else they had that was new and exciting.

I visited Topshop, Warehouse, French Connection (shops I used to go to when I wasn't quite so "poor") I didn't find anything that I liked, although I was quite in the mood to treat myself. I did buy a comfy printed dress from Isetan though, and it cost me only $49, which was a steal considering I was willing, and expected to spend more. So I "saved" money!

And since I needed stationery, I also went to Popular at the Wisma MRT. While there, I saw this self inking stamp:

Retro Stamp

I was drawn to the colour and the little plane graphic. It was just giving off this retro, 70ish vibe (is it just me? think it's mainly due to the turquoise-y colour) But I just had to have it, so I bought it. This is rather uncharacteristic of me as I usually only buy stuff that I need - this does not apply to things like clothes and accessories, of course. But this was so cute I found myself justifying why I needed it.

For my next Dotted line parcel overseas, perhaps?


Alicia said...

Indeed! :)

Saggs said...

You can use it when sending 'my order' to me! still waiting for them bags...


Anonymous said...

hello! I went by Swirl the other day to check out your stuff and I esp loved red dotty pencil skirt and sparkle dress. Those 2 really caught my eye and I must say the photos just don't do justice to the real thing :)

I'm a fan of handmade designer clothes, especially vintage girly styles like yours. If I've any big upcoming event, now I'll know where to go look for a pretty outfit to wear!

Just wanted to say that its great that we've such wonderful local designers like yourself, who decided to pursue your dream/passion and you're doing so well at it. Its truly inspiring! Keep up the good work and I look forward to your new collection.

cheers, lynn

dot said...

hi lynn, thank you for your kind words - i'm glad you like the clothes! and yes, I'm going to try to make those photos alot better!!!

Alicia said...

The vintage par avion stamp is a good buy!