hi folks,

so i've been having problems with blogger lately - you will see that one of my posts "Plastic Surgery" below is incomplete. Because of this problem! Urgh. It all seems to stem from me cutting and pasting into my post. I had typed out this post on Word and was planning to cut and paste into blogger (because i had been having trouble with blogger) but I found that I couldn't do it! So I had to retype it...which worked fine for the first few paras, and then I discovered that as I tried to type more, a message would suddenly pop up to tell me that the connection to blogger beta is down. So I'm stuck. And once this happens, it's as if the entire blogger fails me. I can't access any of the pages on the blogger website, so I can't create a new post, I can't edit, I can't anything. All that greets me is a blank screen. And then I have to delete my cookies, relog in and hope that things are fixed (which it usually isn't) It's so frustrating!!!

Anyways, I have no idea if this post will even work. If it does, I will write a proper one.

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