oh excitement!

I just found a new fabric place and I think it's brilliant. It sells shirt and suiting textiles...I want to make some nice shirts/ blouses and shirt dresses in future, and this place had lots of lovely stuff (relatively speaking, as there is very little choice here for fabrics) I found myself falling in love with textured cottons, wonderful stripes that looked like candy....am so excited! It's been a long time - seldom do I see so many fabrics that I think are nice in one place (in Singapore of course)

Also got delivery of stock of a new dress! This the first of my cocktail/ party type dresses. It's a white lace bustier dress..Unfortunately there is still one final bit missing from the dress - the belt, so I can't put it on the website yet. Sigh. But anyway - my main seamstress has to move on to the other designs, so the belt has been assigned to another seamstress to take care of. Once that's done, it's going to be another round of shooting photos and writing up of the product descriptions, etc. Which I find quite fun actually, unless I'm strapped for time. There's nothing to beat the feeling of seeing a new design in the flesh, and then seeing it appear on the website!

And finally got hold of the magnetic snaps for the bags - these are the snaps you have on the opening of the bag. I'd been putting this off for the longest time. Had found some at Golden Dragon in Chinatown but they were so darn expensive! But after looking around, I found some that were much more reasonably priced. Bag production will begin next week, so right now I'm running around trying to get hold of all the supplies and sorting out which fabrics I want to use from my stash. I'm starting off with clutches and small totes...and will be moving on to bigger bags after.

Dreamweaver classes have ended but I still have a project to complete - I need to design a 5 page website. I asked when it was due and the instructor told me "There is no deadline. Anytime you want to get your certificate"! I haven't started yet - there are other things to worry about but I will do soon. I just installed Dreamweaver on my PC and am playing around with it. It's pretty cool...I'm quite glad that I'm learning new things along the way. Never thought that I would be sitting around developing websites!

On the fridge front - if anyone is even remotely interested - I love our new fridge! Kisu and I take turns to open the fridge and look inside every once in a while for no reason at all. It's our new toy and we're happy playing with it. It's configured such that the regular compartment is on top (as opposed to the freezer section), with a fruit and veggie drawer below it and the freezer as the final drawer right at the bottom. Which makes so much more sense really, because we don't actually open the freezer section that often. So now I don't have to bend over to look for stuff, and I'm also able to fully pull out the fruit and veggie section. I wasn't able to do with my previous one due to the configuration of the fridge and space constraints. Not sure why it makes me so happy, but it does! Oh, that and my new tupperware collection : )

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Anonymous said...

baybehhhh :)
where's this new fab place.. heehee.. oh theres this shop painted black and hot pink stripes near arab street.. teh shop name is TEXTILES... they have nice stuff but quite small amount only.. check it out.. oh btw, ming hong came in 3rd for Asian Young Designers Award.. his stuff is so cool.. the 1st is a singaporean guy call harry halim[indo] & his clothes are FANTASTiC.