Turkey Day

I never knew what a big deal thanksgiving is in the US, till Kisu set me straight.

I always thought that Christmas was the main event. But apparently Thanksgiving is the biggest family event in North America, akin to our Chinese New Year. So now it's an adopted (for me) celebration of sorts.

Kisu had to have his turkey of course - I'm not really one for turkey, I find it too dry. I've been told that cooked right it is very juicy, but since I have not had the fortune to try anything remotely close, I stick by my "turkey is dry" line. But to not allow Kisu to eat it would be like him not allowing me to eat Yu Sheng for CNY...something like that!

So off we trooped to Lawry's yesterday for thanksgiving lunch (I could not do dinner because of the photography course). Kisu had the rib and turkey combo, while I stuck to my guns and had my standard California cut prime rib. For once, we remembered to take a picture before starting on our food!


Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


Meips said...

hey, the thing about thanksgiving is really funny! i told sean about it too cos i just couldn't understand why thanksgiving is bigger than christmas! anyways, the CNY comparison is quite apt i guess.

so cool that your blog was mentioned in an article! where was this article? tell me so i can go look for it.

dot said...

it's good that you're finally reading our blogs! and you're quite an active comment post-er too, i see :)

yes, thanksgiving is bigger, even in terms of shopping, so that tells you just how BIG of an event it is!

the article is in the Dec issue of Simply Her magazine.

Saggs said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Must be a US thing coz there's no hype on it in the UK? Anywayz, always love to see photos on your blog so keep 'em up! :)

Anonymous said...

I celebrated Thanksgiving with Kathi and Dao's family this year --it's really nice because you have everything from the 80-year-old grandparents (very beautiful grandma) to the baby that's a few months old and there's plenty of good cheer as they prepare the dinner together.

Peiming, I guess you are right in that it is like how CNY should be in Singapore.