A Tribute to Krispy Kreme

We don't have Krispy Kreme here in singapore, so anytime we manage to get our hands on some, it's an occasion of sorts.

Thanks to Sunshine and Juliana, we got a half dozen original glazed donuts hand delivered to our doorstep all the way from the Seoul Krispy Kreme store. Thank you so much, girls! Kisu thoroughly enjoyed them (I find them a little too sweet for my liking, so I took all of two bites. Krispy Kreme treason, I know)

Here is a little photo gallery of the beloved Krispy Kreme - lovingly taken by Kisu, before he proceeded to demolish the tasties!





Check out the Korean explanation of "Hot Now!"




Kisu is a happy camper :)



Esther said...

MP had some in Vegas too and like you, she didn't like them much.

How can anyone not LOVE Krispy Kremes?!? :)

If you have any left, follow the instructions and heat them up in the microwave and they will taste pretty close to what fresh ones taste like.

I just had a shipment come in from Sydney 2 weeks ago so my Krispy Kreme cravings are satisfied... for now...

dot said...

yes, apparently some of us folk do exist (cue theme from twilight zone)

it's OK - kisu more than makes up for it; as proof, there are none left :)

Saggs said...

I've tried one too but didn't go nuts at 1st bite. And this despite having a VERY sweet tooth.

Hmmmm, maybe I didn't try enough. Kekeke. Will go buy me another one soon.