Press Alert! Dotted Line in Simply Her magazine

Dotted Line scores a mention in December's issue of Simply Her!

I'm going to check if I can reproduce the article here as I know friends not in Singapore won't be able to read it otherwise, but I'm not very hopeful because of potential copyright issues. Anyways, there's an interview of me in an article about female bloggers, so drastic measures is mentioned too!

(edit: Link to article here)

I'm starting to see the effectiveness of press - I'm getting a whole lot of mails in my dotted line mailbox! Which I'm really happy to read and answer, btw.....you won't believe how happy I am each time the computer makes the little "you've got mail" sound! (it's really geeky actually)

Latest news, I'm going for photography lessons starting next week at the Photographic Society of Singapore. So happens that Meips, Karen and I all got digital SLRs around the same time - identical ones too, the Canon D400, and so we all signed up to take classes together. I'm really looking forward to it - it'll be like being back at school together, as Karen says. (We're all ex-classmates) Here's a weekly get together that I can look forward to!

A final note - blogger beta has been acting up recently, so I've found that I cannot edit some of the posts after I publish them, and sometimes I can't even publish - all I get is an error page when I click on the "publish" button.

It's really irritating but I guess I have to live with it until the blogger folks iron out the kinks. So I apologise in advance if you see weird posts (e.g. posts with references to photos which are not there, typo errors) or a lack of posts.


Saggs said...

Hey there, would love to read that article. Post it up somehow soon? Else send us a clipping!

Congrats on your 5 min of fame!

Karen M said...

Now we'll be under pressure to post pro looking pics on our blogs!

Alicia said...

It's so great that you ladies will be classmates again! Please archive all the secret notes that you pass around in class ok? For posterity and in commemoration of the good old days :)