Motor show

Last Sunday, for the first time in my life, I visited a motorshow.

The Singapore Motor Show to be exact.

I wasn't all that excited about it really, it was more for Kisu. But I guess I had more fun than I expected.

While Kisu went around inspecting cars, "Ooohing" and "Ahing" over the Ferraris and Lamborghinis...

Kisu at Motorshow

... I was more curious about the car models (the human kind). I first found out about motorshow models via the newspapers. Sometime back there was a supplement or article about another motorshow, likely a predecessor of the one that I went to. Plastered across the pages were pictures of scantily clad models accompanying the cars. I had always thought that motorshows were just about cars, but well, how naive. It makes total marketing sense, considering the target audience of these shows.

Back to the girls. The "models", and I say this because I don't really consider them models, are definitely not what comes to mind when I think "model". Most of them seemed to have been freshly plucked off the street (and by this I don't mean "discovered") based on the following criteria:

- Long, straight hair
- Thin (but not toned, and oh boy, were some NOT toned...)
- Large, limpid eyes
- Tall-ish
- Can smile sweetly, willingly poses for pictures and looks comfortable sprawled on the bonnet of a car
- Very "Asian" looking - they were all local, as opposed to the pan asian models that seem to be so popular now (note: Lamborghini had ang moh models)
- Willing to wear tight, skimpy outfit and high heels

And ah yes, the outfits. No surprises here - skimpy, faux leather/PVC, shiny, and accompanied by knee high boots (more faux leather and PVC roadkill). One exception: Ssang Yyong, who had their girls dressed up in "gei tai" looking outfits with sequins.

But, the worst uniform by far, has got to be the one by Bridgestone. It consisted of a tight white top and shorts outfit with a "red thong" (!!!) like thing poking out from the shorts. The worst, ever. I didn't get a very good shot but you see what I mean - I rest my case.

Scary Outfit


Saggs said...

Omigod! Gag! Faint!

Anonymous said...

wow that is sexy