It must be one of life's little ironies: I'm married to an ethnic Korean, but I am one of the few Singaporean women who isn't hooked on Korean drama or movies.

I know who Bae Yong Joon is, at least.
But I have never watched a single Korean drama serial, ever. Not even that notorious Winter Sonata.
I do the occasional Korean movie - Joint Security Area, My Sassy Girl, I even watched 2 of them on a recent flight. But I can't remember their titles.

However, that might change very soon.

At the recent urging of several friends, I finally popped disc 1 of the highly recommended "My Lovely Sam-Soon" (better known as "My Name is Kim Sam-Soon", a direct translation of its Korean title) into my DVD player.

One of the key reasons to watch this drama, as explained to me by my friends, is to catch the dishy pan Asian (American & Korean) actor Daniel Henney.

I find him OK, lah. Actually, I much prefer the 100% Korean male lead, Hyun Bin (pictured above with lead actress Kim Sun Ah).

Anyway, from the minute I watched Episode 1, I was hooked. I managed to watch 8 episodes on Day 1 (with a break in between for dinner). I just couldn't stop myself! Needless to say, I didn't get any work done that day. It is funny and sad at the same time, but most of all entertaining. I find Korean dramas much less irritating than Taiwanese ones - I tried watching those too, but they were just too weepy and kua zhang (exaggerated) for me.

Kim Sun Ah reportedly gained 8 kgs to play Sam-Soon, and is touted as Korea's Bridget Jones. I do like Bridget Jones, maybe that's why I like this series too?! But I'm not alone, since this series has done very well since airing last year.

So, it looks like I've found a solution while waiting for new seasons of Prison Break, Lost, Desperate Housewives, Smallville, The OC, Nip/Tuck - K drama!!!

Perhaps Princess Hours or Full House next. Hee.

Sidenote: About a month or so back, I was with Kisu trying a new Korean restaurant in the Club Street area. In front of us was a table of 3 local ladies. I imagined them to be having a "Korean immersion" night out. They had a table full of Korean food, and talking about their favourite K dramas. Of course, this included raving about their tall, well built, handsome, gentle and sensitive Korean Hunks.

On a private room to our left, a large contingent of Koreans were having a meal.

Midway through their meal one of the men stepped out to take a phone call. He was dark, short, small, with slicked back hair and pants belted unfashionably high on his waist. Looking most ajishi ("uncle" in Korean).

The power of TV.


Saggs said...

Advice - Full House then Princess Hours!


Sonicstarburst said...

Hi Dot,

I agree! Full House, Princess Hours and then if you have time, Princess Lulu. Let me know if you want the vcds for Full House & Princes Lulu. I have them.


carol said...

Korean drama is also quite popular with the Chinese (specifically Taiwanese) population here. But I'm more into Korean food than Korean drama... I don't even know who Bae Yong Joon is! Not that I don't want to give it a chance, but I can't take the risk of not able to stop once I get started.... then I'll be taking sick days and vacation days from work just trying to watch everything. Ahhh....

Saggs said...

Before I forget, here's one more title, "Stairway to Heaven".

It's soppy though.

Zann said...

I still have nightmares from watching Full House a year ago. Specifically, from Rain's sartorial choices. Beware!


dot said...

saggs, sonic - i have just got the full house DVD set from a colleague of kisu's! so we're all set to watch, once we finish MNIKSS

zann - oh boy, you are SO right!
While I am quite taken by hyun bin, his wardrobe on the show....sigh. Scary!

Esther said...

I can't believe I haven't raved to you about how much I loved 'My Lovely Samsoon'! I got hooked after watching a few episodes when it aired on Ch U recently - and since then I've bought the DVD, downloaded Hyun Bin's picture in my phone AND I'm using the song as the ringtone!!! Let me know if you want the ringtone too :)

dot said...

can i have the ringtone AND hyun bin's picture? then i can be like sam soon, with a picture of sam-shik on her phone! hee hee!

Toon said...

Welcome to the club, Dotty! Never thought you will succumb to k-dramas!! "Love Story in Harvard" is not bad too, I have a few more episodes to go! How about Sad Love Story? I can pass you mine when I am back!