Inspired by esther's post about the majestic restaurant, we decided to go there for lunch today.

It was good! I didn't take pictures of the food, but you'll get an idea from esther's post. I'd heard quite a bit about this place; one of the first people to recommend the food was the architect behind the hotel, who happens to be a friend of ours.

I had the lunch set a:

First course was a starter trio of soft shell crab, charsiew and szechuan dumpling (my favourite item of this course). I liked the piquant sauce and sliced up spring onions that came with it.

Second course was a turnip and abalone soup - it was thick and flavourful; the abalone was small but of course they wouldn't be serving me something as big as what you'd get at lei garden if you ordered a single abalone.

The third course was excellent - a steamed perch with chopped up mui choy and soy sauce. I didn't think I would like it that much as I don't like steamed fish very much (in fact I don't eat much seafood), but it was very smooth and was reminiscent of cod.

Next up - carbs - fried carrot cake. Yup, chye tow kuey - but a gourmet version which came with scallops and shrimp. Should have asked for chilli sauce to go with it.

Dessert was anything off the dessert menu, and I chose the mango and pomelo sago. I would have very much liked to try the Fried Durian ice cream, but since Kisu HATES durian, I decided not to torture him.

This is me with my dessert and newly rebonded hair. A note about the rebonding: doesn't seem that worth the effort, 'cos my hair is already rebelling. The sides are curling out again : (


Kisu made up his own set menu - he had a starter of wasabi prawn and peking duck with foie gras, which I thought was a steal at $15. He said that the foie gras was pretty tasty.

His soup was the same as mine, except it didn't come with the mini abalone.

And he got lamb as a main - it came with the aforementioned chye tow kuey as well. It looked really tender as he sliced it, but unfortunately he didn't like it very much because he thought it overcooked (the staff did not ask about doneness when we ordered). However Kisu does like his steak rare, so anything that isn't is considered overcooked!

All in all, a very good meal and I thought it was value for money - my 5 course meal cost $40+++ . I would definitely go back again.

One of the interesting things about the restaurant is that it has 3 discs of glass on its ceiling, which is also the base of the hotel's pool that is located just above the restaurant. You can see one of them in this picture here.


When I looked up, I could see water and it appeared to be really shallow. I was just commenting mid-sentence that I doubted anyone could actually swim in it due to the (lack of) depth, when I saw a man's body cut through the water. He was wearing what appeared to be the teeniest white (!) yes white bikini briefs. Seriously, he looked like he was in his underwear. Eeuw!

In another uncanny coincidence, we bought the Canon EOS 400D Digital SLR today. Kisu's playing with it right now...we got another lens other than the one that came with the kit. I'm so psyched 'cos it has arrived just in time for me to try it out on my new product shots. So far it's looking quite good, even using flash and yellow lighting indoors....I can't wait to see the results in a good daylight shot!

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Hey. Just wondering, where'd you have your hair rebonded? Coss I have short hair, and I'm looking how rebonded short hair would look. Was yours expensive? :) THANKS.