A New Look

Hi, like the new look of the blog?? The colours are inspired by my "Via Air Mail" stamp.

It's still work-in-progress but I am working off the new Blogger Beta, which an enhanced version of Blogger that is linked into Google. Many of you reading also use Blogger, so I'm sure you'll be experiencing it for yourself soon.

Some of the great new features of the new Blogger Beta:

- Enhanced Dashboard which is much more user friendly

- Drag and Drop to customise templates (a godsend for people like me who cannot comprehend HTML and have only beginner's knowledge of CSS)

- Labels - I particularly like this new feature. I can add labels to each of my posts which becomes categories, so besides looking for posts chronologically, you can also search by category! Being the highly imaginative person that I am, I have labelled this post "Random"

- Supposed to be a lot faster to update - I won't know until I actually publish this post.

The best part is that my problem with the updating /editing that I posted about earlier seems to have disappeared...perhaps they were due to the upgrading process.

But the one thing that isn't so great is that I can't seem to add in the code for my webcounter - argh!

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