Fun with the Camera

The entire weekend was spent playing around with the new camera, mainly by Kisu. He took like, hundreds of shots. The pictures are amazing. The lens we got works well in very low light conditions, so we get pretty crisp shots. The photos also need very little colour correction, which means that time is saved during any post shoot work, i.e. photoshopping. Best of all, I can see much more detail, depth and perspective in each shot. Things like textures become more apparant, and the item you are focusing on "pops" out more.

here are two shots for comparison:

test shot konica

test shot canon

both are not photoshopped - the first is taken with my point-and-shoot, and the second, the DSLR. Check out the blurring of the background in the second shot! Again, something that a point-and-shoot can't achieve. Notice also the way the wood in the knob on top of the mannequin looks in both shots.

I'm very pleased - with my first round of shots, I wasn't too happy as I didn't think they depicted the clothes well; didn't do the clothes justice so to speak. But I didn't know how to improve. I did my share of photoshop-ing, but there's only so much you can do with a not-so-good picture. I tried the new cam out on my new lace dress and it captures the texture of the lace really beautifully so I'm looking forward to doing the upcoming shoot.

Some headway with the bags - I passed 2 designs to the seamstress yesterday, a clutch and a small tote. They're both very polka dotty! Oh dear - I can't seem to stop myself - I still have quite a few polka dotted fabrics, so there are going to be more items with dots. In the meantime, I'm working on more new designs (without the dots).

Splurged on a stack of magazines yesterday at Kino - I thought I could afford to spoil myself a bit, so I bought Gap Press, for runway fashion, Real Simple, Domino and Lucky. I haven't bought Lucky before but it's a magazine about shopping, so what's there not to like? It's also endorsed by Ms Spinach.

Ah, the web project. Kisu suggested that I build a madbeautiful website as my class project which I thought was a really good idea. So I'll be working on that er, soon, as well. I've already mapped out the pages and content...but the tricky bit is coming up with the graphics, like the logo, headers, footers, buttons etc. I could do a really plain and generic one, but who wants that?!

Also been having problems with blogger...urgh. I think it might be something to do with my PC as well. I keep getting error pages when I try to save or edit any of my posts. I can only save or edit if I first clear my cache. Which is a total pain because all my cookies get deleted and I have to relog in to every other application or program that I am on (e.g. gmail, yahoo, flickr, etc). Anyone know how to fix this??? Appreciate if you could drop me a line if you do! It's driving me maaaaaaaad!


Karen M said...

I've been thinking about getting a DSLR camera as well! What model did you get?

Karen M said...

Don't worry...I just answered my own question when I read the next blog entry! :)