Eleven Twelve

Hey Eleven-Twelvers* reading this - guess who I got as a visitor on Monday? Marina! It's Doctor Marina now of course, and operating from the swanky Paragon Medical centre. She's looking very good, and visited with a fellow dentist friend of hers. She specialises in braces, so if you know anyone who needs them, here's a little plug for her. Her purchase gave me my very first sold out item! Yay!

One of the bonuses since starting Dotted Line is hearing from people that I haven't been in touch with for years. I dropped a line to the class mailing list and got some very sweet notes back congratulating and wishing me well in the biz. Marina was one of them; I also got a lovely note from Melody, whom I haven't seen since probably secondary school. She's now residing in San Jose and we traded a couple emails after she found out about Dotted Line. It was kind of surreal after all these years, but I'm glad for it.

It seems appropriate at this time to talk about *eleven-twelve, which is a reference to the classes we were in at secondary school - 4/11 and 4/12. For the benefit of my non-Singaporean friends reading this, the Singapore school system comprises of 6 years of Primary School (age 7 - 12), 4 years of Secondary School (13-16), 2 years of Junior College (17-18) and finally University. (At least in my day - it has changed very much since and I have no intention of finding out more until I have a child of school-going age)

There were alternate academic paths of course, but this is the one that my friends and I went through. Most of us have known each other since we were in Primary school, and have been together all through Secondary School. We split up when it was time to go to Junior college (JC), but we did largely end up in those same few JCs. At the very least we spent 7 years of our lives together, and that's saying something! We are scattered all over now; many have gotten married and settled overseas, or are still pursuing their education abroad.

In a bit of a nostalgic mood today - I miss you all - and those good (and occasionally hairy) times that we had!


Alicia said...

Hey this is a fab, snappy summary of the Singaporean education system back-in-the-day! I would've rambled and gotten myself tied up in knots.


Full marks for good precis writing, woman :) I got nostalgic reading it too.

Karen M said...

Yah...those good ol' days...should have taken a pic of Mer :)

dot said...

will take one when I meet her again to pass her the dress!