A day in the life of....

I thought it might be fun to give everyone an idea of what is involved in getting clothes ready for sale and what happens after the sale:
  • Iron all clothes. Cut any loose threads in the process. I picked this up while in design school. The best time to identify and snip off loose ends is while ironing.
  • Inventorise clothes - this is just an Excel spreadsheet where I note the number of S, M and L pieces per design that I have on hand.
  • Prepare hangtags - My hangtags do not come with pre-tied with ribbons. So I have to first prepare the tags by cutting a load of ribbons, and then tying them to each hangtag individually. It's quite a pain threading the ribbon because the hole is very small and I am extremely anal about the way the ribbon is threaded. The first time I did a whole pile of them I got a cramp in my hand! But I usually do this while watching telly otherwise it's just totally monotonous.

  1. Print price labels and stick them onto the back of the hangtags.
  2. Pin each hangtag to the item, matching the item description and size on the tag to the actual garment.
  3. Place them on presentable hangers - clothes that are not on display are placed on plain plastic hangers, which are lighter. Clothes that are on display go on proper wooden hangers.

    Post Order/Sale
  4. Check that item ordered is available and confirm order with customer
  5. Check for payment (cheque has cleared, transfer has been made)
  6. Prepare invoice, update payment details.
  7. Update inventory
  8. Wrap goods
  9. Post goods
  10. All the while, updating the customer on the progress of the order.

There are a whole lot of other procedures that I am involved in, obviously...but this is just a little snippet about how I might go about my day :)


Saggs said...

I think it's wonderful for you to share this with everyone. Gives us a glimpse into the life of a budding entrepreneur!

The Chengs said...

Hah, the great fun. Used to sew samples while watching telly too.