The Week Post Launch

The week post launch has been a week of firsts...

First "View-by-Appointment" customers

I hosted Rachel and Patsy at my place Thursday evening. Rachel had found out about Dotted Line through my ex-classmate Shermaine's blog, Offsprings. She was looking for something to wear to her brother's upcoming wedding and was considering one of my dresses.

Being my first experience hosting at home, I was a touch anxious. I spent the morning cleaning up the apartment (all junk went into the workroom) and trying to figure out an attractive and logistically-effective display (i.e. does it look nice? can all the clothes be seen clearly? enough walking space between racks? are all clothes easily accessible?) Thankfully after setting up and turning on the (little used) spotlights, everything looked pretty decent!

I really didn't have anything much to worry about, because the entire experience turned out to be very pleasant (and not as scary as I thought!) First, Rachel and I discovered that we had a mutual friend in the US, and then we 3 ended up chatting about a whole host of other things - including dresscodes for teachers. Rachel used to teach, and was explaining that it was hard for teachers to find clothes that were stylish yet modest, and not too warm for non-airconditioned classrooms.

Am also pleased to report that I made my first view-by-appointment sale. Thanks, Rachel!

First Local Online Order

My first online order was from Alicia, in Switzerland. My first local online order came in yesterday, from Julia. And she ordered 2 items to boot! I just sent her parcel out....she's going to be overseas for 2 weeks so she's not going to see it for some time yet, but I hope she has fun opening the package!

One other thing I discovered as I was processing Julia's order - something that makes me very happy - Paypal now processes Singapore Dollar payments!

You may have noticed that I list US$ prices on the site. This is because Paypal, which I use to process credit card payments, previously did not support Sing dollar transactions. So anyone who wanted to pay by Credit card would have to pay in US dollars.

But they must have recently changed their operating model, because when I logged into the Paypal website yesterday, I realised that they now support a lot more currencies than before. Which means local customers now have the option to pay with Credit Card in Singapore Dollars!

International customers can still opt to pay in US$. I happily accept both : )

First Dreamweaver Class

In preparation of maintaining the Dotted Line site, I signed up for a basic Dreamweaver class. I should probably have taken classes way earlier, but I dwaddled…and so I just started yesterday. Almost everyone I asked told me that Dreamweaver is really easy – well, I guess it’s easy compared to HTML (which I recall learning in Uni).

After seeing it for the first time yesterday, I was glad I signed up for classes. It’s still a whole new programme - you need to get familiarized, understand it and get used to how the application works. I think I was expecting to just get hold of the programme, and start building webpages from scratch (duh!)

And some other stuff….

Bags & New Clothes

I’ve had quite a few enquiries about whether I will be selling bags or accessories, and also whether there will be more new clothes.

I’m glad to update that I have just started on some new dresses in preparation for the year end season. You’ll be seeing mainly weekend/ cocktail type party dresses. And yes, they will come in Large!

I finally get to use some wonderful printed material from my stash of fabric - I held out because I was waiting for a chance to bust out with beautiful party dresses! There is a wonderful vintage-y print, fabric that I got from NY, lace, a floaty chiffon...

As for bags, I hope to get my pattern pieces out this week and get started on production. I know many people like buying bags as gifts for Christmas!

I'm also looking for consignors with items to supplement the clothes on Dotted Line. If you have goods and are looking for a place to sell, I'm happy to take a look. I'm thinking of bags and accessories but I'm open to other items as long as they fit in the stuff on Dotted Line. Drop me a line at dorothy@dottedlineshop.com. Give it a try; you'll never know! I'll get in touch if I think there's a good fit.

Press Releases

Realised that I have missed the year end magazine deadlines (bleah) but yeah, time to work on a proper press release and start hitting the media circuit! Anyone who has any contacts or know of any PR opportunities, I’ll be glad to hear from you!


Am looking to put up some of my stuff for consignment – so people who'd like to view and try will have a place that they can go see Dotted Line stuff retail hours. I will update here and also on the site.

Thank You

And last, but not least, Thanks to everyone for giving out namecards, and helping to publicise Dotted Line on their blogs (Shimian, Alicia, Karen, Esther) or to your friends! A lot of the business that I have had this past week is because of you; Thank you!


Saggs said...

You've got a good product. Of course people would help to publicise! Have you on my sidebar too. :)

Anonymous said...

glad the blog helped u with sales. rachel loved the dress. and tis really a small world!
- shimian

Karen M said...

Can't wait for you to bust out those cocktail dresses!

BTW, let me know when would be a good time to pop by and pick up my stuff. Can't wait to wear them you know....plus Alicia/Shimian want to see pics of me in them. :)

Alicia said...

Karen: ya lor, I was going to nag you about posting the pics :)

Puiming: excited about the cocktail dresses too!!! I LOVE vintage material (as you saw from our clothes swap session, nearly everything I own is ... comfortably DATED) but with fresh designs, ooh ooh :)

rachel said...

it was our pleasure to be your first view-by-apptm customers.

u did a great job; i wouldn't have thought that u were nervous that evening. :)

shopping for clothes sld b like that. i reckon u've set a new trend for shopaholics!