A little money is a dangerous thing...

After one and a half years of not making any money, it was quite refreshing to make some, for a change!

Clothing sales have been encouraging, and so (possibly a little prematurely!) I decided that I could reward myself.

So I bought these yesterday; midnight blue patent Mary Janes from Pedder Red at Taka (this is not a good photo - taken with a flash cos it was too late at night). I saw them in a magazine, and they were so cute I had to go down and try them on for myself!

mary janes

I convinced myself that I was due for a small treat after such a long time... After all, ever since going "jobless". I pretty much reined myself in when it came to spending on clothing items, bags and shoes (wedding expenses not included, of course).

If ever I was hit by a craving to shop, I would keep myself happy with cheap buys from the Tangs bargain bins ($23 flats!), Forever 21 (I know alot of grown women turn their nose up at Forever 21, thinking it a teenage haunt with a horrifically messy shopfloor. But I've managed to find comfy and pretty jersey dresses there for cheap - however, I will only shop there when I'm in the US because I don't think they are worth the prices here), little shops at Far East Plaza or "unleash" myself in Bangkok - can afford to go a little wilder there because of the lower prices!

I would be hard pressed to buy most things from Zara, which seems to be the shopping destination of choice of most ladies here. However, during my "lean" times, I did give in and buy a pair of pants ($59, for quality that I didn't think was that great, but I really really needed a pair of white pants to match with a top and only the Zara one was decent) and two pairs of jeans - discovered that Zara jeans are a good fit for me, and at $79 each were much cheaper than what I used to pay for my Levis. I also justified the purchase by rationalising that I wear jeans practically everyday, and that I don't make jeans. (Much of my reluctance to pay for clothes, I believe, stems from the fact that I think I can probably make them myself for cheaper. Whether or not I actually do is another story)

To be fair, I've also been "sustained" by gifts from hubby, and new clothes from a recent clothing exchange with friends.

There are certain items that I am willing to spend on: books (in particular good craft books), craft supplies/ fabric, skincare and magazines (if there are good fashion photos in them) and education. I guess I see them as investments!


Toon said...

Dotty, I want those mary janes too!! maybe a whole shao-zhu for celebration? hahahhaha

Karen M said...

Hey, those are CUTE shoes :)!

Alicia said...

It's all about incentives my dear - you deserve the reward after all your hard work!!!