It's a Wrap


Recently, I was approached by Simply Her magazine for an article on female bloggers. The photoshoot was held yesterday morning at the Marina Mandarin hotel. I was asked to bring along some of my clothes so that I could wear them for the shoot.

This was my first proper shoot - I wasn't sure if they were going to provide hair and makeup so I did my own. Not professional looking of course, but I made sure that I at least had makeup on and that my hair was neat. The last time I appeared in a print article, which was for Urban - the shoot took place at home and there was no makeup or hair services. No fancy photography equipment either.

When I arrived, the other two featured bloggers - Emilyn Lee, a knitting instructor, and Grace Cheng, a forex trader who trades from home, were already there and getting their hair and makeup done. I met Cindy, the art director, and she got me started on the makeup. It was pretty fun, the group was quite lively and chatty.

I got my hair flatironed, it was like getting my hair rebonded without the permanent effect. I've never got my hair rebonded because my hair is pretty thin and I always thought that it would be quite disasterous for me to try to rebond it. But I quite liked the effect - made my hair look SO long and it was so neat! - but I didn't quite like how dry my hair felt. And still worry about hair dropping! So still of two minds about rebonding.

I realised that I "knew" Emilyn, or Emy - I'd "met" her via the Craftster forum; she's one of the active Singaporean craftsters so we started chatting. She teaches knitting and crochet full time. Even while preparing for the shoot, she had a whole bag full of projects and she was knitting away!

The shoot itself was pretty simple. Considering that there were three of us to coordinate (I had to remember to keep my head tilted, Emy was repeatedly told to keep her eyes open as large as possible, and something kept going wrong with the position of Grace's legs...) it was over quite quickly.

I'm told that the article is slated for the December issue of Simply Her, and should hit the newstands in about 2 to 3 weeks.

Muffin Monster

I bumped into ex-colleague Peiling while I was having lunch at Takashimaya this afternoon. Peiling, who also left banking, now owns Muffin Monster, a bakery at Crown Centre. She was manning her promotional booth at the Takashimaya food hall when we met. She and I are probably one of the few people who ventured into such "deviant" occupations after leaving our former employer! Good luck with the muffins, Peiling!


Saggs said...

Oh wow! Your brush with fame! Show us that writeup of you in the mag ok? Once it comes out of course...wanna see!

dot said...

i will if i get permission to post it!

emy said...

It was great meeting up with you in person at the shoot!

But blur me still forget to use the camera! Tsk, tsk!