Home for a Change

Today, I'm enjoying staying home for a change.

It's quite refreshing for me to be able to be at home the entire day. Given the nature of the business, I tend to be running from place to place.

These days, I attend Dreamweaver lessons three times a week, 2 hours each, which pretty much kills my afternoons. I finish around 5pm (which to me is a "bu san bu si" timing) and inevitably end up dropping by Swirl because of its proximity to class. The official reason is to top up stock of my consigned clothes, but more often than not, it's an excuse for me to chat with Evelyn or Suzanne and hang out at their shop. So far they've entertained me with numerous cups of tea and Oreo cookies - thanks girls, I will try not to outstay my welcome (but quite difficult - that couch of yours just sucks me in..)

[Aside: BTW, Swirl appears in today's Urban supplement. It's part of a story profiling stores of local designers at Stamford House which I enjoyed reading very much. I am an avid fan of Urban. In fact I only get newspapers twice a week, Thursdays and Sundays. And Thursdays only because of Urban! I enjoyed today's copy 'cos it carried stories of local designers and another one on shoes (love, love shoes). I find these far more fun than articles on cosmetic surgery and jewelled watches. ]

Besides Swirl, I also always drop my other friend Jaslyn's shop - Fashion Clinique (61 Stamford Court#01-04) as Jaslyn's seamstress helps me with all the clothing alterations for Dotted Line. Fashion Clinique sells ready to wear, but it's also very popular for custom made evening gowns and cocktail dresses. I see a lot of brides who get their ROM/ evening gowns made there - also seems favoured by bridesmaids. In fact, Jaslyn helped to tailor the flowergirl and pageboy's outfit for my wedding! Since I sometimes get requests for made-to-measure - which I don't do (would be completely stressed out trying to custom make anything) - I'm recommending Jas's place instead.

The rush begins again tomorrow - I'm picking up the finished aprons tomorrow early morning and then going down to the T-shirt silk screen place to do the final step of printing on the store name. I'm quite excited to see how they will turn out. I'll have to visit the cafe for sure, just to see the staff wearing the aprons! Maybe I'll ask one of them if I can take their photo, and post it here!

After that. there's class again in the afternoon, and I'm going to drop by Swirl and Fashion Clinique as usual.

So why am I home today? Well, I don't have class today, for one. There's no urgent need for me to run any errands. And I'm waiting for our new fridge to arrive. After close to 8 years, our Sam (Samsung fridge) is close to expiry. It's been leaking - I'm not sure what the problem is, not even sure if it could have been fixed. But after all it's quite old so we took the chance to upgrade to a more hi tech (Japanese) model. Supposed to keep veggies and meat fresh for longer, and all that jazz. I know it isn't very cool (hoho - spot the pun here???), but I'm actually quite excited about getting a new fridge!!


Alicia said...

Hello hello, just to say that Stefan finally collected the Dotted Line package from the post office in Zurich! He arrived in London last night, with the pretty denim jacket in tow - I'm heading to Tanzania this evening so won't be able to bring the dress and blouse (can't wait to see them/try them on when I'm back in Dec).

The jacket is FABULOUS! When is your next line coming out ... no pressure, but faster better!!! :)

dot said...

haha woman - i'm glad you like the jacket and it fits. Yay!!! Yes i also know that faster is better - am working on it!!!

rachel said...

hey there,

read your archives & realised that my ex-colleague from hcjc, lindy, is your friend. small world...again!

am wearing the wrap tmr for the wedding. if there a decent pic of me, i'll send it to u so that u can see the nice job your seamstress did with the alterations.

dot said...

hey, yeah she's my primary & secondary schoolmate - known each other since we were 10! gosh....yeah send me a photo so I can post it!! hee!